Out for a Saturday morning walk…

On a beautiful chilly fall morning in November, I ventured out, camera and tripod in hand. We hadn’t had any snow at this point, the had turned colour but they had yet to all fall from the trees.

Christ Church Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in the city, built between 1845-53. In 1980 it was named a National Historic Site.

Christ Church Cathedral, 12th November 2010, © J. Lynn Stapleton

The river was so peaceful and quiet on the Satuday morning. Taken from the walking bridge and looking down towards the Princess Margaret Bridge.

Saint John River, Fredericton, NB. 12 November, 2010, © J. Lynn Stapleton

I took a few different shots of the walking bridge that crosses the Saint John River, and this one is my favourite, for the angles and the shadows. I’ve always loved pictures with paths as they always symbolized for me places to go and explore.

Walking Bridge, Fredericton, NB, 12th November 2010, © J. Lynn Stapleton

This gazebo is in a lovely little park near the downtown. In the summertime, there are concerts and weddings performed in the gazebo.

Wilmot Park Gazebo, Fredericton, NB. 12th November 2010. © J. Lynn Stapleton

A resting place in the park. Sitting down for a moment, I was able to take a look at the fallen leaves, the beautiful scenery, and the quiet of the morning.

Wilmot Park, Fredericton, NB, 12th November 2010. © J. Lynn Stapleton