Exploring the Mal Oxford – May 2006

These pictures were originally posted on my LiveJournal account during my May 2006 trip to the United Kingdom. During this time, I stayed at the Malmaison Oxford (formerly Her Majesty’s Prison Oxford) on 21st May; for you Bad Girls fans, A Wing is the same ref to Larkhall’s G-Wing. These are some of the interior and exterior shots I took.

Front Entrance of Malmaison Oxford from the side view

A-Wing Exterior - Vertical Glass Window

Signage next to the A-Wing vertical glass window

A-Wing Exterior - Courtyard

Interior of A-Wing central stairway

A-Wing's interior room doors

St. George's Tower

Interior Gate Door on A-Wing

Exercise Yard at the Mal

My Hotel Room

Unfinished room on Ground Level